Curriculum Vitae

Tom Engström

Work experience

Founder, Creative Director at Timespace Cloud

April 2017—

Strategic design, service development, brand management and
UI/UX design for Timespace, an app for maintaining a focused and balanced life.

Designer & Developer at Nemesol

May 2007—Mar 2018

Lead Visual and UI Designer specialised in digital design.
Front end developer for digital and print products.

Graphic Design Intern at BOTH

March 2014—July 2014

Graphic design for web and print, front end development.


July 2010—

Front end development, Visual design and UI design.

Selected projects

Website and event registration interface
Impact, 2018

Website for a leadership consultancy together with designers from Loud.
Development, UI/UX wireframing, integrations with 3rd party backend services.

  • PHP / Timber
  • Twig
  • jQuery
  • InDesign

Portfolio website
Partisans, 2018

Vanilla HTML portfolio website for a Canadian architecture company with visual designer Emery Dash.
UI/UX prototyping and development of a single page website with customized touch interactions.

  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • HTML / CSS

Website and custom page builder
Qvidja, 2016-2017

Website for an experimental farm project in southwestern Finland together with illustrator/designer Antti Kalevi.
Development of a custom page builder for the designer, a JavaScript based responsive layout engine and the website itself.

  • PHP / Timber
  • Twig
  • jQuery

Game engine and Website
Kuu, 2017

Development and UX work for an "interactive tragedy" website with Zach Dodson.
Simple website and a text-based adventure game engine with JavaScript.

  • jQuery

Tech skills

Languages Years' experience
JavaScript 10
Java 2
Perl 2
Atom 2
Eclipse IDE 5
git 4
Platforms / libraries
Wordpress 4
jQuery 7
Dojo 5
Twig / Timber 1
d3 1

Design skills

Fields Years' experience
Web 12
Print 7
App 3
Illustration 7
Photoshop 17
Illustrator 12
InDesign 8
After Effects 2
Sketch 3
Cinema 4D 1

Awards & grants

2017 - Grant for comic book project, Grafia r.y.

2015 - Vuoden Huiput Silver Award


Experimental web technologies
Algorithmic design
Data-driven design
Illustration & comics

Side projects

Corndog Tom

Slice-of-life Instagram comic about my experiences in and surrounding South Korea.

In-browser music visualizer

Experiment in doing real time music visualization from a Soundcloud source with the Web Audio API.
Music: Power Hover Theme by Ted Striker

번개 - Hangul studies

(epilepsy warning!) Minisite with various studies in Hangul (한글), the Korean alphabet.

Grid builder tool

Utility for creating grids for InDesign and other page based layout tools.