Curriculum Vitae

Tom Engström

Work experience

Founder, Lead Designer at Timespace Cloud

April 2017—

UX/UI design, strategic design, front end development and brand design
for Timespace for various apps including Focus and OurBalance.

Designer & Developer at Nemesol

May 2007—Mar 2018

Lead UX/UI designer and visual designer, front end developer

Graphic Design Intern at BOTH

March 2014—July 2014

Graphic design for web and print, front end development.

Freelancer / Consultant

July 2010—

Front end development, Visual design and UI design.

Selected projects

Front end development
AppGyver, 2019-2020

Front end development and UX wireframing for AppGyver's no-code platform, Composer Pro.
Worked with the in-house team of developers and lead designer to deliver pixel-perfect implementations of UI designs.

  • Sketch
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Angular

Website and event registration interface
Impact / Brik, 2018

Website for a leadership consultancy together with designers from Loud.
Development, UI/UX wireframing, integrations with 3rd party backend services.

  • PHP / Timber
  • Twig
  • jQuery
  • InDesign

Portfolio website
Partisans, 2018

Vanilla HTML portfolio website for a Canadian architecture company with visual designer Emery Dash.
UI/UX prototyping and development of a single page website with customized touch interactions.

  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • HTML / CSS

Website and custom page builder running on WordPress
Qvidja, 2016-2017

Website for an experimental farm project in southwestern Finland together with illustrator/designer Antti Kalevi.
Development of a custom page builder for the designer, a JavaScript based responsive layout engine and the website itself.

  • PHP / Timber
  • Twig
  • jQuery

Game engine and Website
Kuu, 2017

Development and UX work for an "interactive tragedy" website with Zach Dodson.
Simple website and a text-based adventure game engine with JavaScript.

  • jQuery

Tech skills

Languages Years' experience
JavaScript 11
Java 2
Perl 2
Visual Studio code 3
Git 6
SourceTree 2
Platforms / libraries
Wordpress 5
React 1
jQuery 7
Twig / Timber 1
d3 2

Design skills

Fields Years' experience
Web 13
Print 7
App 4
Illustration 7
Photoshop 18
Illustrator 13
InDesign 9
After Effects 3
Sketch 4
Cinema 4D 1


2020 - MA in New Media Design; Thesis about narrative game design for learning Korean as a foreign language.

2015 - BA in Graphic Design; Thesis about generative graphic design systems.

2013 - B.Sc in Media Technology; Thesis about effects of usability on user acceptance of mobile services.

Awards & grants

2017 - Grant for comic book project, Grafia r.y.

2015 - Vuoden Huiput Silver Award


Experimental web technologies
Algorithmic design
Data-driven design
Illustration & comics

Side projects

That Year in Seoul (2019)

Graphic novel about my year as an exchange student in South Korea.

Corndog Tom

Slice-of-life Instagram comic about my experiences in and surrounding South Korea.

번개 - Hangul studies

(epilepsy warning!) Minisite with various studies in Hangul (한글), the Korean alphabet.

Grid builder tool

Utility for creating grids for InDesign and other page based layout tools.